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  • On the passing of Steve Jobs

    And just like that, Steve Jobs was gone. (Note: I rarely cross post the same piece to multiple blogs.  But in a tribute to Steve Jobs, I’m going to do so with this post.  Steve liked to say that he worked where technology met the liberal arts. His work crossed a lot of boundaries.  In […]

  • The AT&T dropped iPhone calls problem. Definitely an SF thing.

    I’m sure that no one will be surprised by this, but my opinion of AT&T iPhone service has changed dramatically since I left San Francisco. My iPhone is even more of a workhorse than it was before.  And it’s performing like a champ. I’m doing numerous 60-90 minute conference calls on my iPhone on a […]

  • Footnotes in blog posts

    You may have noticed that I’ve started including footnotes in my blog posts. ((See? here’s a footnote now!)) Know this: there’s a really good chance I’m going to grossly overuse these. I haven’t done this in the past. Why start now?  Well, in whatever writing I’ve done ((And to be clear: I am NOT a […]

  • More on That Ticketfly Thing

    Recently, I wrote a blog post stating that I have started working with a San Francisco start-up called Ticketfly. Today, I’m going to tell you a little bit more about Ticketfly and what I’m doing there. Ticketfly calls themselves “live music marketers.”  They’re interested in working with independent music venues and event (mostly music concerts) […]

  • The final hours of My Treo 755 and the Palm OS

    I have been a Palm OS user for almost a decade.  I had a first generation Handspring Visor back in 1999.  Then a couple of Palm handhelds.  When the Treo 600 came out, I jumped all over it – finally converging my phone and PDA.  And then I obtained an iPod and was back to […]

  • Coastside Tweetup. Take 2

    It’s on.  Again. Another Coastside Tweetup.  This one takes place on Tuesday, July 22 at 7 pm at Half Moon Bay Brewing Company – 390 Capistrano Rd. Half Moon Bay, CA 94019 NEW PLAN!  New time and new location. New time is Tuesday, July 22 at 5:45 pm New location is at the Ritz Carlton […]

  • Take the Red Pill

    When I first deployed WordPress to this domain, I did it primarily because I liked how the WP software would allow me to publish more content to this site.  Previously I was using Dreamweaver to make new pages, create hyperlinks, move old content to different places, change the hyperlinks…and all that other stuff required for […]

  • Pics from Coastside Tweetup

    My pics can be found on Flickr Ryan Kuder’s are are also on his Flickr account. And Francine Hardaway published hers to Facebook. Thank  you to everyone who came out to the coast. I really enjoyed finally meeting Francine Hardaway and spending some time chatting with Shel Israel, Robert Scoble, Steve Gilmore, Ryan Kuder, Jason […]

  • True Stories From Social Media

    This tweet from Ryan Kuder reminded me that it’s time to tell a recent story of reconnecting and discovery. It started back around March, probably.  I started following Chris Perkett (@missusP on Twitter). I’m not exactly 100% sure how it started, but it was probably due to a reply that Aaron Strout (who I had […]

  • WP Contact Manager – Turn WordPress into a web based contact directory

    I have to admit that I never would have thought of this: