Coastside Tweetup. Take 2

It’s on.  Again.

Another Coastside Tweetup.  This one takes place on Tuesday, July 22 at 7 pm at Half Moon Bay Brewing Company390 Capistrano Rd. Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

NEW PLAN!  New time and new location.

New time is Tuesday, July 22 at 5:45 pm

New location is at the Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay, near the firepits in the back.

Blame it all on Scoble.  😉

This tweetup includes Twitter superstar Pistachio – who’s visiting from the eastern coast and just might be given a chance to sign my high school yearbook . (It’s a long story)

Thanks to Francine Hardaway for once again stoking the fires on this.  Everyone is invited.

Helpful hint: If you’re at a loss for how to spot the Tweetup gang once you’re there, just shout out “Does anyone have an iPhone?” If 50% of a circle raises their hand, thats probably the group you’re looking for.


9 responses to “Coastside Tweetup. Take 2”

  1. Scoble has decided it will be Tuesday at 5:45 PM at the Ritz Firepit. This is good, because we can all see the fancy people at the Fortune Brain Storm.

  2. Although it may be harder for people to get there on a Tuesday than Sunday, and won’t some of the BlogHer people leave before Tuesday? Is this set in stone yet?:-)

  3. Assuming my wife doesn’t go into labor, I’m up for scheudling this anytime in the next week on the coastside. Sunday or tuesday evening. Doesn’t matter to me. Just want to be close to home (in HMB) in case my wife goes into labor.

  4. No way I can get out of work and down to HMB that early, but if you’re still there around 7 I could swing by.

  5. Jonathan Yarmis Avatar
    Jonathan Yarmis

    Way cool. I guess Scoble’s attending the same meeting I am, so I’ll see y’all here.

  6. Can I bring my dog? He doesn’t have a Twitter account, but he likes the beach. Francine, you bringing canines?

  7. krash63 Avatar

    I’m new to HMB, but would love to meet some real tweeters. I’m leading the American Heart Association’s foray into Social Media and am here to learn.

  8. Looking forward to meeting y’all in person!

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