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  • The AT&T dropped iPhone calls problem. Definitely an SF thing.

    I’m sure that no one will be surprised by this, but my opinion of AT&T iPhone service has changed dramatically since I left San Francisco. My iPhone is even more of a workhorse than it was before.  And it’s performing like a champ. I’m doing numerous 60-90 minute conference calls on my iPhone on a […]

  • Daring to be great at NASA

    For almost a year, my LinkedIn profile has been headlined with the phrase “Looking for a dare to be great situation.”  And while that was partially me drawing more career inspiration from the wisdom of Lloyd Dobler, who doesn’t want greatness as part of their job? Now, you can interpret greatness in a variety of […]

  • OK blog, I’ve got some things to say

    Hello blog.  Happy to see you’re still here. No, I haven’t forgotten about you.  Though if you thought that I had abandoned you for something like my posterous account, I could see that would be running through your database tables and php scripts.  Don’t worry.  I’m only using that for that for quick publishing photos […]

  • My Top 5 Dream Jobs – May 2009 Edition

    After a recent watching of High Fidelity, I decided to put myself through a little exercise.  In the film/book, Rob Gordon creates a list of his top 5 dream jobs. I decided I would do the same.  So here’s my top 5 dream jobs list. Like a top 5 albums of all time listing, this […]