More on That Ticketfly Thing

Recently, I wrote a blog post stating that I have started working with a San Francisco start-up called Ticketfly. Today, I’m going to tell you a little bit more about Ticketfly and what I’m doing there.

Ticketfly calls themselves “live music marketers.”  They’re interested in working with independent music venues and event (mostly music concerts) promoters to help them sell tickets to their events.  There are a couple components to making this happen.

First, there’s a ticketing platform that helps venues manage their ticket inventory and allows consumers to make online purchases of those tickets.  This is really not much different than what Ticketmaster or Live Nation provides. 

But what differentiates Ticketfly is its focus on helping venues actually move these tickets into the hands of customers. The ticketing platform will take advantage of social web marketing and communication capabilities to get you your favourite world famous comedian.  An obvious example is that when a venue adds an event to the platform and make tickets available for purchase, a Facebook event page is created so the event can spread from social graph to social graph.  Many other social web features will be built into the system.  Anything that might help a venue sell out a show.

So what I’m doing for TIcketfly is helping them wrap their hands around all of the capabilities and technologies that make up the social web.  I’m spending my days up to my neck in the Facebook Connect platform and Twitter API’s.  I’m also filling out the features and functionality of a venue marketing web site solution with WordPress MU.  In many ways, my role is a perfect match for me.  I’m working with the technologies that fascinate me and with subject matter that I love.

The folks at Ticketfly at top notch.  They’ve really made me feel welcome as part of the team.  And I’m still giddy over going to work in downtown San Francisco on a regular basis.  SOMA sure has evolved since Keturah moved away from there in 2005.