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  • OK blog, I’ve got some things to say

    Hello blog.  Happy to see you’re still here. No, I haven’t forgotten about you.  Though if you thought that I had abandoned you for something like my posterous account, I could see that would be running through your database tables and php scripts.  Don’t worry.  I’m only using that for that for quick publishing photos […]

  • What I did this summer

    Where exactly did summer go?  I know there’s there are still 10 days left, but we all know the state of mind known as summer comes to a halt after Labor Day weekend has passed us by.  I haven’t done much blogging beyond the occasional posting of a photo from my iPhone (yup, got a […]

  • Bye Stanford. Hello Ticketfly.

    While some of my close friends, colleagues, and trusted peers have knowledge of this, I have yet to publicly disclose that I parted ways with Stanford University at the end of March. So I’ve taken some to recollect.  Even did some exploring regarding what I want to do next.  Spent time with my kids.  Watched […]