Bye Stanford. Hello Ticketfly.

While some of my close friends, colleagues, and trusted peers have knowledge of this, I have yet to publicly disclose that I parted ways with Stanford University at the end of March.

So I’ve taken some to recollect.  Even did some exploring regarding what I want to do nextSpent time with my kidsWatched the Red Sox pretty much every dayGot excited to go see Phish at Fenway.

Sadly what I found in the I spent working at Stanford’s Office of Development is that, institutionally speaking, they are an enterprise not ready to explore the utilization of the web and social media technologies in the same fashion that I am. There is interest to be sure, but there is not an equivalent amount of action supporting that interest.  I will say that much of the responsibility for igniting that interest fell upon my shoulders and while I was able to get certain corners activated and excited, doing so on a broader level was something I did not achieve.

What’s next


I’ve accepted a contract position with Ticketfly. And I have to say, I’m bursting with excitement.  Ticketfly is a startup still in stealth mode so I won’t be writing too much at this time.  I will say that their business is centered around live music, which couldn’t be more of a perfect fit for me.  I’m also excited to head back to an office in San Francisco, to an office on 2nd Street to be precise.  Keturah and I were chatting yesterday and realized that I’ve been working down in Silicon Valley ever since we began dating.

So to all my friends working in South of Market, lets grab lunch!