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Wishing your continued peace, love, and happiness thru the holidays and beyond

This holiday season will be remembered by my family as the year that two things happened for the first time. We had two little boys to enjoy the holidays with and stack a pile of presents for under the tree We wrote a holiday family newsletter for the first time and have included it in […]

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I shoot photos of things other than my son. Really.

Honestly, I take a lot of pictures and I take pictures of things other than Mason.  Though you would never know it by looking at my Flickr photostream. So, for the next month, I’m going to focus on going back through my recent photos and posting pictures to Flickr of subjects other than Mason. Of […]

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Photos from Coachella Weekend

Are here The suprise highlight for me was Tosca. I think it was a case of the right sound (groovy downtempo) at the right time of day (around midnight on Saturday) in the right place (a side stage with plenty of grass to sit comfortably on and not too crowded). The surprise downer was Depeche […]