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Wishing your continued peace, love, and happiness thru the holidays and beyond

This holiday season will be remembered by my family as the year that two things happened for the first time. We had two little boys to enjoy the holidays with and stack a pile of presents for under the tree We wrote a holiday family newsletter for the first time and have included it in […]

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First day with Jude

Jude’s first day started with Keturah and I getting up at 4 AM PST.  We called Marin General and found out they were on schedule with their baby deliveries for the morning.  So we showered…  I had a shot of espresso… and we left our house in Half Moon Bay at 4:45.  Amazingly, there’s no […]

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Waiting on Jude

Like Tom Petty said… The waiting is the hardest partEvery day you see one more cardYou take it on faith, you take it to the heartThe waiting is the hardest part Bags are packed and in the car.  And that car has a full tank of gas (insert Blues Brothers reference here: ________________ ).  Keturah […]

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Want to be the first to know when Jude is born?

Keturah is about to deliver any week now, preferably in about 15 minutes from right now.  But no later than August 4.  More than one person has explained that going through the process of pregnancy and childbirth is never the same twice and certainly not like the first child you have.  Just the other day […]

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Hey Jude

Note: this is a letter that I wrote to my unborn son (due early August) last week.  It’s my sole contribution to Keturah’s baby shower. Hey Jude, You’re going to hear those two words A LOT.  I’m not kidding, either.  So many people are going to say lines to you such as “Hey Jude, don’t […]