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  • Movies I’ve been watching with Mason recently

    It’s pretty great that Mason is getting old enough so his taste in movies creeps closer to some of the films I enjoy watching over and over.  Kung Fu Panda is great, but after 137 viewings, I need some change.   Here’s what we’ve enjoyed together recently Ghostbusters – he actually started quoting lines from the […]

  • A random list of things for October 9

    My friend Dave is fond of writing blog posts that have the line “here it is list form, because people like lists.”  That’s probably true, so I’m going to use that writing technique to revive my posting on this site.  Anyway, here’s a random list of thoughts for you. DVD Later – for adding movies […]

  • Succinct Gov 2.0 definition

    I’ve previously blogged about the Gov 2.0 definition that I’ve been using as the basis for my thinking around the topic.  But the other day I found a shorter, to the point definition while surfing the interwebs via John Moore. Government 2.0 is a citizen-centric philosophy/strategy where results are often driven by partnerships between citizens […]

  • Jumpstart yourself into the world of Gov 2.0

    If you’re new to the Gov 2.0 world or looking to immerse yourself in what’s going on, go here for the best jumping off point: I want to echo the sentiment in the post about the stuff Alex Howard writes on the O’Reilly Radar blog.  Back in April, when I started up again at […]

  • Game Changer: Google Apps gains FISMA Certification

    One thing I’ve noticed since returning to NASA a few months ago is that the federal government is completely obsessed with cloud computing.  From the casual hallway conversations to the multi-hour strategic planning sessions, it is impossible to have a verbal I.T. related interaction without “cloud computing” being mentioned within that exchange. Which is why […]

  • Six years ago today…

    Keturah and I were married on this day in 2004.  It was the beginning of so much.  Including an all night party that ended the next morning with cocktails at The End Up (with me still wearing the suit in the picture below). Happy anniversary to Keturah.  Thanks for making all of my dreams comes […]

  • Wordle Cloud of My Gov 2.0 Expo Notes

    I found the thumb drive that had my Gov 2.0 Expo notes on yesterday.  And decided to run it through Wordle and see what insights I could gain.  Here’s what Wordle returned to me: As for thoughts and insights… You can either interpret this image as this is what I actually took notes on or […]

  • Defining Gov 2.0

    As I stated in my previous post defining Cloud Computing, I’m on the lookout for foundational definitions to the buzzwords circling my work at NASA Ames.  And I’ve found the definition of Gov 2.0 that I’m going to proceed with.  It comes from Laurel Ruma, co-chair of Gov 2.0 Expo and O’Reilly Media’s Gov 2.0 […]

  • The most accurate blog post on Gov 2.0 that I’ve read so far

    I’ve been spending a fair amount of time in the past few weeks diving into the the online discussions regarding Gov 2.0, OpenGov, etc.  Basically, I’m playing catch up.  And I’ve found myself spiraling down some interesting worm holes. But one of the best assessments of the Government 2.0 trend that I’ve read so far […]

  • Dick’s Picks

    I’ve decided that I’m going to listen to all 36 volumes of The Grateful Dead Dick’s Picks series.  But in the order of show date.  Starting with Volume 26 (a pair of Tahoe shoes in 1968) and ending in Volume 27 (Oakland, 1992).   In case you’re interested in the show order of all 36 […]