Defining Gov 2.0

As I stated in my previous post defining Cloud Computing, I’m on the lookout for foundational definitions to the buzzwords circling my work at NASA Ames.  And I’ve found the definition of Gov 2.0 that I’m going to proceed with.  It comes from Laurel Ruma, co-chair of Gov 2.0 Expo and O’Reilly Media’s Gov 2.0 evangelist. In an interview with the Federal Cloud Blog, Laurel provides the following construct for Gov 2.0.

It’s an umbrella term for this next generation of government, one that accepts and uses technology as one of its main tenets. But, it’s not just the technology.

Technology is easy and tools are easy — it’s also people, and the collaboration between governments at every level, from federal down to your city government, with the people. This is happening easily with social media and more interaction on the web.

It’s also about looking at government as this great provider of information and open data and how it can be used to really further every American’s and global citizen’s desire to have more information about their government at any given time.