A random list of things for October 9

My friend Dave is fond of writing blog posts that have the line “here it is list form, because people like lists.”  That’s probably true, so I’m going to use that writing technique to revive my posting on this site.  Anyway, here’s a random list of thoughts for you.

  • DVD Later – for adding movies currently in theatres to your Netflix Queue – is pretty awesomely convenient.  Especially if you’re lick me and 98% of your annual movie watching happens via Netflix DVDs at your house.
  • October just isn’t the same when the Red Sox aren’t in the playoffs.  It’s nice having the Giants make it, but its no replacement for the Sox.  Prediction: Phillies win it all
  • I’m a bit of data geek. Specifically, a data visualization geek, so I’m pretty excited about playing with Daytum.
  • I’ve launched a couple new sites in the past week.  I’ve fairly obsessed with online curating and determining how much “content creation” online can be pushed to zero effort.  Along those lines, I’ve created two new tumblr sites.  http://phishtank.tumblr.com catalogues great multimedia capture by fans on current Phish tour.  http://gov20.tumblr.com (yes, these sites couldn’t be more different) is a companion to the blog I started at http://nasawebdude.com about Government 2.0 and Open Government topics.
  • Speaking of Phish, the 3 night run I attended at The Greek Theatre in Berkeley this past August was one of my summer highlights.
  • Was in Chicago a couple weeks ago.  I hadn’t been there for over 10 years.  Forgot how great a city that is.  Need to go there for a long weekend with Keturah sometime soon.
  • Finally, yesterday was Keturah’s birthday.  Here’s a pic I took at the pumpkin patch we went to with the boys.  Sorry that its a bit blurry. It came from my iPhone