Revisiting The Beatles Albums: Rubber Soul

When you take a comprehensive look at the Beatles studio albums, things really begin to change with Rubber Soul.  While you could never guess upon first listen of Rubber Soul in 1965 that the Beatles were about to forego touring to fully explore their genius of making music in the studio, the album offers glimpses by providing some new experimenations.  For example, the sitar in “Norwegian Wood”.  Rubber Soul is often cited as one of the best albums of all time by anyone trying to put together such a list.  I admit to be a late adopter of Rubber Soul – at least measured to how much soaked up Revolver and Abbey Road over the years – the album is the first of the Beatles studio albums which I would consider as a desert island disc.


Favorite Song

While it’s hard not to cite “In My Life” (and lyrically, that is the best song), “Norwegian Wood” remains my favorite mainly because of the musical composition.  And in it’s remastered state, that sitar comes through clearer than ever before.

Song I forgot about

“You Won’t See Me”