Revisiting The Beatles Albums: Help!

A couple of my favorite Bealtes songs are present on Help!  Not suprisingly, Help! has always gotten plenty of play on my stereo if only so I can listen to “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away” and “Ticket to Ride”.


I’ve sung karoke one time in my life.  It was a disaster.  I’ve sworn off ever taking the karoke mic ever again.  That is, until I find the karoke bar that has “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away” on its playlist.  Then I’ll channel Lennon channeling Dylan, because quite honestly, you only need to be moderately liquored up to do so effectively.  And being moderately liquored up is pretty much a karoke requirement as well.

Favorite lyric

“Here I stand head in hand…”.  From “You’’ve Go to Hide Your Love Away”.  I remember thinking line before the birth of my youngest son.  Keturah had a cesarean delivery and I had to wait in the hall outside the operating room by myself before going in.  It was of the most nervous moment of my life.  I was worried, with head in hands and thought of that song.  I’d like to see Sam Beam of Iron and Wine sing this song.  I bet it would be killer.

Forgotten songs

“Another Girl” and “I’ve Just Seen a Face”.  Both are great songs.  Not listening to either enough.


I used to own a 45 of “Yesterday”.  The b side was “Act Naturally”.  I wonder if that’s stashed away in a box somewhere in my basement.