First day with Jude

Jude’s first day started with Keturah and I getting up at 4 AM PST.  We called Marin General and found out they were on schedule with their baby deliveries for the morning.  So we showered…  I had a shot of espresso… and we left our house in Half Moon Bay at 4:45.  Amazingly, there’s no traffic on 19th Avenue in San Francisco so we made it Marin General in plenty of time.  So much time that I stopped for a bagel and more coffee on the way.  Such is the progress of modern medicine.  You can make a pit stop for coffee and a bagel on the way to having a baby. 

In fact the whole childbirth experience this time around was incredibly calculated.  Appointments for having a baby?  It just seems like thumbing your nose at mother nature.

Regardless, we arrived at Marin General at 6 AM.  Keturah was checked in and readied for surgery.  I donned the sugical scrubs at 7:15 and Keturah went into the operating room at 7:30.  After a lonely, rather nervous wait that seemed to last an hour (and thank goodness I had Twitter to scan and divert my attention), I went into the O.R. around 7:45. 

Jude Stafford Toothman was officially born at 8:03 AM PST.  He weighs 8 pounds, 4 ounces and is 21 inches tall.  While not as much as Mason (our first son), he has plenty of brown hair.  And he was born with blue eyes…which we are hopeful will not turn brown.

We’re all doing well.  We had a steady stream of family and friends visiting throughout the day yesterday.  By the time the evening rolled around we were ready for some solitude.  Most of which we spent staring at Jude.











More pics of Jude at Flickr


7 responses to “First day with Jude”

  1. The Serdy's Avatar
    The Serdy’s


    He is so cute. It is so easy to forget how tiny they are when they are born. Best of luck in the coming days. We can’t wait to meet him.

  2. Ruth Taillon Avatar
    Ruth Taillon

    Congratulations! He is beautiful.

  3. Amber & Todd Avatar
    Amber & Todd

    OH MY GOODNESS he is beautiful. So precious. Congratulations you guys. Love you bunches 🙂

  4. Keri Dickinson Avatar
    Keri Dickinson

    Congrats! Hope you’re feeling good. He’s absolutely gorgeous!!
    Kisses-Keri chuck and all

  5. Aunt Marty Avatar
    Aunt Marty

    He is a carbon copy of his “big brother” and his daddy. I do think I see that famous chin! He is perfect!! Congrats! Love to you all- your favorite aunt marty and uncle gene

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