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  • Middle management is ground zero for government’s digital divide

    As I have mentioned in the past, the biggest hurdle to fulfilling the ambitions of Gov 2.0 and enabling government institutions with Open Government principles, has nothing to do with technology. Sadly, the biggest hurdles to achieving the promise of a new era of government enriched with technologies enabling access to and participation with government […]

  • 2010 Social Media for Government Conference in Chicago

    I’ll be the first to admit that I had my expectations set at a fairly nominal level for Advanced Learning Institute’s latest Social Media for Government event in Chicago this past week.  But it was really a wonderful time.  The smaller size of the event (approximately 50 people) really gave me a chance to make […]

  • Speaking at the Social Media for Government Conference in Chicago this week

    Probably should have mentioned this previously, but this week I’ll be speaking at the Social Media for Government Conference in Chicago.  I’ll be providing a case study on the WordPress blog I created for NASA Ames Research Center in 2007 (screenshot of that is below), including all the cultural, process, and legal barriers the team […]

  • The most accurate blog post on Gov 2.0 that I’ve read so far

    I’ve been spending a fair amount of time in the past few weeks diving into the the online discussions regarding Gov 2.0, OpenGov, etc.  Basically, I’m playing catch up.  And I’ve found myself spiraling down some interesting worm holes. But one of the best assessments of the Government 2.0 trend that I’ve read so far […]

  • True Stories From Social Media

    This tweet from Ryan Kuder reminded me that it’s time to tell a recent story of reconnecting and discovery. It started back around March, probably.  I started following Chris Perkett (@missusP on Twitter). I’m not exactly 100% sure how it started, but it was probably due to a reply that Aaron Strout (who I had […]