Keturah + J.J. = 10 years

What I knew is that it was at some point this month.  And in fact, I got major points for not only remembering, but for recognizing the occasion with a gift that I gave to Keturah while we were in New York the other day.  But I didn’t know the exact day in the the latter parts of April 2001 that Keturah and I recognized as the day that we first decide to commit to each other as a couple. 

For those of you thinking that we’re sort of lame for recognizing the day we started dating with any kind of significance, I have only this to say: Celebrating stuff is fun! 

At some point over the past 10 years, Keturah decided to stick the day of April 28 in her Google Calendar and as a recurring occurrence.  And this morning, she got a Calendar notification on her iPhone that indicates that indeed, April 28 is our day.  One of them, at least.   Mind you, she only got that notification because I spent time fixing her iPhone settings so that her Google Calendar sync’d correctly.  So I should get some points for that, too!

But yes.  Apparently, April 28, 2001 is one of the biggest days in the timeline of our relationship.  How far we’ve come in 10 years. There’s no one I’d rather share my life with.  No one I’d rather see next to me in the morning.  No one I’d rather see the world with.  And no one I’d rather share a family and raise children with.

Pics of us from that time are pretty rare.  We have some, but nothing digitally accessible.  So the picture of us above is another rarity.  It’s the only picture of us together in Paris during our honeymoon.  ((Oh…those Parisians and there lame attitude towards American tourists.))  It’s not even a great photo of us in Paris.  But trust me, that’s us on a boat along the Seine at night with a bridge in the background.