Online Shopping

The most important advantages/benefit of online shopping is that you can buy your desired products at very low cost then it is available in the market. You can save on airfare and long-distance communication charges. If you visit any particular place for a local restaurant, for instance, you are able to get food instantly and saving on the cost of restaurants.

If you search online and click on any of the links on the page, you will find a variety of relevant information. But only by reading these, can you get full benefit out of them.

Amazon is the largest online shopping website in the world. It handles one-third of total Amazon’s sales, generating income of Rs 110,085 crore in 2014-15. It has a payment gateway of US Bank that has US and Indian banks as its major customers. Amazon does have 100 plus suppliers of different products as well as around 300,000 sellers that do very well for them. These suppliers operate from 4,500 stores across India. Amazon has been in operation in India since 1998.

Featuring more than 12 million products, including electronics, books, toys, clothing, electronics, apparel, sporting goods, electronic items and even a range of services including transport, training and other, Amazon does have a very distinct advantage over most other e-commerce websites, as you can always get what you want on Amazon.

This website is mainly for people in India and for the first-time shopper. While if you have a company or professional background, you can easily shop online.
Amazon does support over 1500 stores around the country that is providing its customers with multiple product categories including electronics, apparel, books, toys, sporting goods and other.

With the help of mobile apps, customers can easily shop for the products they are looking for. Customers are also able to do a search and reserve their favorites.


Walmart has come out with an e-commerce site that supports online shoppers from all over the world, while offering great discounts (visit Raise for more info). This stores has a range of products and merchandise which is widely used by its customers. It features a payment gateway of Amazon and it allows customers to choose from a large array of products. It is considered to be the largest offline store in the world, having a store of over 500,000 locations. It has a cashier service of United Parcel Service (UPS) and it offers customer service in over 175 languages. In 2014-15, it had revenue of $48 billion.

With the ability to deliver its products across the globe, the majority of customers choose to shop online through Walmart. It can also order through certain shipping carriers such as the United Parcel Service and dhow. For its business customers, Amazon is the fastest to provide packages and is able to deliver them within 24 hours. It also has one of the largest sales teams in the country.

This site is also completely backed by third-party logistics providers.

Other online shopping portals

These are other online shopping websites that can be used. Apart from those, you can also use online shopping portal like Flipkart or eBay. I am sure there are others.