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Month: August 2008

First homemade tiramisu

First homemade tiramisu

First day with Jude

Jude’s first day started with Keturah and I getting up at 4 AM PST.  We called Marin General and found out they were on schedule with their baby deliveries for the morning.  So we showered…  I had a shot of espresso… and we left our house in Half Moon Bay at 4:45.  Amazingly, there’s no traffic on 19th Avenue in San Francisco so we made it Marin General in plenty of time.  So much time that I stopped for a bagel and more coffee on the way.  Such is the progress of modern medicine.  You can make a pit stop for coffee and a bagel on the way to having a baby. 

In fact the whole childbirth experience this time around was incredibly calculated.  Appointments for having a baby?  It just seems like thumbing your nose at mother nature.

Regardless, we arrived at Marin General at 6 AM.  Keturah was checked in and readied for surgery.  I donned the sugical scrubs at 7:15 and Keturah went into the operating room at 7:30.  After a lonely, rather nervous wait that seemed to last an hour (and thank goodness I had Twitter to scan and divert my attention), I went into the O.R. around 7:45. 

Jude Stafford Toothman was officially born at 8:03 AM PST.  He weighs 8 pounds, 4 ounces and is 21 inches tall.  While not as much as Mason (our first son), he has plenty of brown hair.  And he was born with blue eyes…which we are hopeful will not turn brown.

We’re all doing well.  We had a steady stream of family and friends visiting throughout the day yesterday.  By the time the evening rolled around we were ready for some solitude.  Most of which we spent staring at Jude.











More pics of Jude at Flickr



Jude Stafford Toothman was born at 8:03 am PST. He weighed 8 lbs. 4 oz.

The Waiting is Almost Over

In about 12 hours or so, Keturah will give birth to our second son.  Much to my surprise, Jude has made it all the way to August 4 without making his way into the world.  Thankfully, he didn’t decide to make his big move yesterday – Mason’s 2nd birthday.  A lot of people though it would be cool for our kids to share the same birthday.  I wasn’t one of them.  Everyone should have their own special day.  August 4 will be Jude’s.

Today has been an interesting day.  We dropped Mason off at his aunt’s house yesterday and the empty house has given me the first true opportunity to really absorb the thoughts about having a second son on Monday.  I’ve thought about how Keturah and I will have even MORE responsibilities and the extra effort that having two kids will undoubtedly required.  I’ve thought about how incredibly wonderful it is going to be to watch two little children growing up in front of my eyes.  I’ve wondered what Mason is going to think of all of this and how he will initially respond and adjust.  I’m wondering what will Jude look like.  Mason was born with tons of hair.  Will Jude be the same? 

Most of all, I’ve thought about how lucky I am.  How fortunate I am to have a beautiful family.  How immeasurable the joy that children provide is.

And I’m trying to remember how to swaddle a baby with a blanket.  Seriously, I think I’ve forgotten some of my skills. 

Tomorrow morning I’ll stop wondering and dive right in.  So far, I’ve been a passive participant in this whole process with Jude. Saying Keturah has done all the work to this point is not exaggerating the case at all.  Tomorrow, I get up off the bench and get in the game. 

It begins in less about 9 hours.  Keturah and I will be getting up pre-dawn and heading to Marin General Hospital as the sun rises. More, much more to come.

So may the sunrise bring hope where it once was forgotten
Sons are like birds, flying upward over the mountain

Sam Beam

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