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  • Five albums Phish should consider covering for Halloween 2010

    I have no idea if Phish is actually going to keep up their Halloween tradition of covering an entire album.  But if they do, here’s 5 I’d hope they’d consider.  This isn’t a prediction list as much as it is a wishlist. Pavement – “Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain” Boston (self titled) Wilco – “Yankee Hotel […]

  • Only in Vermont

    Now these are the kinds of nuances that make Vermont unique. A TV station in Burlington has an official Phish correspondent.

  • What I did this summer

    Where exactly did summer go?  I know there’s there are still 10 days left, but we all know the state of mind known as summer comes to a halt after Labor Day weekend has passed us by.  I haven’t done much blogging beyond the occasional posting of a photo from my iPhone (yup, got a […]

  • 23 Hours in Boston

    After WordCamp SF ends today, I’m taking the red eye flight tonight from San Francisco to Boston.  My flight lands at Logan around 7 am.  My friend Dennis is picking me up so that I can get some rest before gathering with friends in preparation for Phish at Fenway park tomorrow evening.  Yes, that’s correct.  […]

  • Phish 3.0

    First, you should probably know that there was a period of my life, from the mid to late 90s, where much of my free time revolved around the band Phish.  I would plan vacations from work where I could attend 5 or so Phish concerts in a few different cities over the course of a […]