The best album of 2009

I’ve told enough people about this and repeated myself so many times that it made sense to write a post about the recently released album by The Black Crowes.  Simply put – best new album of 2009.


If you have yet to hear it, head over to Amoeba Records or click open Amazon or iTunes or wherever and get yourself a copy.  You won’t be disappointed.  It was recorded over a week in Levon Helm’s studio barn in Woodstock, New York.  Recorded with an audience in attendance over various sessions that took place that week. 

Most likely, you’re like me and you haven’t even considered The Black Crowes for over 15 years.  But this isn’t the same band.  There’s a lot of depth and maturity in these songs.  It’s totally surprising and breathtaking.  Unless I told you that it was A Black Crowes album you probably wouldn’t even realize it.