Revisiting The Beatles Albums: A Hard Day’s Night

The Beatles starting getting down to business with this album.  It’s the first Beatles album to be composed entirely of their own songs.  Some additional layers are added to the band’s musical depth.  And as we all know, there was a long way to go.  Imagine listening these early Beatles album back in the early 60’s without the context at the masterpieces – Revolver, Sgt. Peppers, Abbey Road, etc – that were to come over the rest of the decade.  How easy would it be to dismiss The Beatles as top 40 blip on the radar. 


Best moment

The opening chords to the title track.  If there was ever a DJ style mix/mashup made entirely of Beatles tunes.  It would have to kick off with the opening chord of “A Hard Day’s Night” and end (naturally) with the fade out from “A Day in the Life”.  That opening chord comes with a presence of announcement that to me (especially after the relative boredom of With the Beatles) indicates a beginning of future greatness. 

Song I had forgotten about

“Things We Said Today”.  Great tune.

Never sounded better

“I Should Have Known Better”.  The harmonica has never sounded as crystal clear as it does in these remasters.