Confirmed: We’re expecting our second baby boy

Keturah and I paid a visit to her doctor yesterday and received some wonderful news. Our second baby, due in early August, is — or will be (depending on where you stand on the whole “what is life?” debate) — a boy. This will be our second child and our second boy. The baby is healthy and Keturah’s pregnancy is going very smoothly, especially now that she’s gotten through the winter and all the nasty viruses that were going around.

I’ll be honest and say that I had my fingers crossed for a baby girl, but any baby is a miraculous gift and what’s most important is that we have a healthy baby. When the doctor said “It’s a boy” and even zeroed in on the ultrasound to show the little guy’s “manhood”, any disappointment was quickly erased by joyous thoughts of a second son.

Any lingering regrets were definitely disposed of when a friend of mine sent me a text message that said “Now you just have to decide which one is the point guard and which one is the shooting guard.” I have to admit, the possibilities for seeing Toothman backcourt tandem in the future does sound immensely cool.

The Campo in Siena

Keturah and Mason in Siena last fall. Mason’s going to be a big brother soon! But is he point guard material?

Our due date is August 10, 2008. There’s indeed a chance that our two sons will be will be exactly two years apart as Mason was born on August 2, 2006. A name has not been finalized yet, but we have some leading candidates. They are…

  • Jude
  • Griffin
  • Tucker
  • Harrison

Anyone have a favorite in that list?


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  1. Pete, Ash, Stella Avatar
    Pete, Ash, Stella

    Hey Guys,

    Congrats from all of us! That is great news.

    All of those are great names. We love Jude, Harrison, and Peter (write-in). Actually Peter Griffin would be awesome (think about it JJ).

    I (Peter) spent almost every afternoon for nearly three months right where you took that picture of Mason and Keturah in Siena.

    We can’t wait to see you guys.

    The Noes

  2. Aunt Marty Avatar
    Aunt Marty

    Great news! Although there was never any doubt about it being of the male persuasion. Glad everything is going smoothly, especially after the very emotional winter everyone had. Hopefully Carla’s recovery will continue on an even path!!! There has to be something with the water in California!!!!! You know what they say “S–t happens”, But does one really have to STEP IN IT TOO! Any way we are really happy for you, and love the names, my favorite is Harrison, if my vote were to count. How does 08-08-08 sound for a birthday? Love you very much, Aunt Marty

  3. OK,

    That guy with the back court tandem comment is really cool.

    As for names, you are brave to throw them out there for public comment b/c they are such a personal and opinion driven subject.

    That said, I like them all but Griffin is my fav:)

    Things to consider:

    1. What is the abbreviation his teammates will shout when playing sports?

    2. Does the name ‘sound’ like a good soccer player (chicks dig soccer players).

    3. The name also needs to ‘dress up’ well (future jobs, parents of the bride, teachers…etc must be able to take him seriously).

    4. Is there a way this name could ‘haunt’ him if it is altered slightly?


    1. Cooper (Coop! I’m Open!)
    2. Griffin (Griff! Nice shot!)

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