Coastside Tweetup

With the holiday weekend ahead of us, Francine Hardaway and I decided to try to pull together (possibly the first?) tweetup for the Coastside area of Half Moon Bay, El Granada, Moss Beach, and Montara.

This isn’t just limited to folks who live on the coast.  Of course everyone is invited! Here’s the general plan.

We’ll be meeting at Cafe Classique in El Granada at 11 am on Saturday, July 5.  You can get your fill of coffee and pastries there if you haven’t already done so.  Around 11:30 or so, we’re planning on heading out to the world-famous Mavericks surf spot (a very short jaunt from Cafe Classique).  Pic of Mavericks is below



More info on Cafe Classique here:

Their address is 107 Sevila Ave, El Granada.

Google Map to Cafe Classique (warning: Google Maps gets pretty confused about the Coastside towns.  It’s not sure El Granada exists. You’ll see.)

This is a family and pet friendly Tweetup.  Feel free to bring them along.


We hope to see our Coastside Twitter friends on Saturday and also hope that our friends in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and all the points in between and beyond join us for a fun Tweetup by the ocean.

By the way, I’m jjtoothman on Twitter.  Feel free to follow me, if you aren’t already.  🙂


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  1. Ryan Kuder Avatar
    Ryan Kuder

    Fun! Thanks, JJ!

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