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Tag: On Keturah

Keturah + J.J. = 10 years

What I knew is that it was at some point this month.  And in fact, I got major points for not only remembering, but for recognizing the occasion with a gift that I gave to Keturah while we were in New York the other day.  But I didn’t know the exact day in the the latter parts of April 2001 that Keturah and I recognized as the day that we first decide to commit to each other as a couple. 

For those of you thinking that we’re sort of lame for recognizing the day we started dating with any kind of significance, I have only this to say: Celebrating stuff is fun! 

At some point over the past 10 years, Keturah decided to stick the day of April 28 in her Google Calendar and as a recurring occurrence.  And this morning, she got a Calendar notification on her iPhone that indicates that indeed, April 28 is our day.  One of them, at least.   Mind you, she only got that notification because I spent time fixing her iPhone settings so that her Google Calendar sync’d correctly.  So I should get some points for that, too!

But yes.  Apparently, April 28, 2001 is one of the biggest days in the timeline of our relationship.  How far we’ve come in 10 years. There’s no one I’d rather share my life with.  No one I’d rather see next to me in the morning.  No one I’d rather see the world with.  And no one I’d rather share a family and raise children with.

Pics of us from that time are pretty rare.  We have some, but nothing digitally accessible.  So the picture of us above is another rarity.  It’s the only picture of us together in Paris during our honeymoon. 1  It’s not even a great photo of us in Paris.  But trust me, that’s us on a boat along the Seine at night with a bridge in the background.

  1. Oh…those Parisians and there lame attitude towards American tourists. 

What I did this summer

Where exactly did summer go?  I know there’s there are still 10 days left, but we all know the state of mind known as summer comes to a halt after Labor Day weekend has passed us by.  I haven’t done much blogging beyond the occasional posting of a photo from my iPhone (yup, got a iPhone 3GS this summer – my first iPhone!), so here’s a recap.

First day of summer

The first day of summer was actually Father’s day and I wanted to spend a family day down in Santa Cruz on the beach and the boardwalk.  It was a blast.  Mason went on his first amusement park ride.  And with that came a look of extreme intenisty on his face.  I guess Keturah and I drilling “just hold on tight” to him over and over had an impact.  See for your yourself.


I really wasn’t sure Mason was enjoying this.  But when I got off he not only said he did, but also couldn’t wait to go on the next ride.



Summer concerts

Summer always means concerts for me.  And the big deal about this summer was that Phish was back.  I managed to make my way to Boston for Phish at Fenway and a great show close to home in Mountain View.  I’m happy the boys are back.  And even more happy that they’re playing great shows again.

But even more memorable was Wilco’s show at The Greek Theatre.  It was a PERFECT summer night and a fantastic performance.


Our New Yard

So we gutted our yard.  That’s story best told in pictures.

Right before things started getting totally ripped up



There used to be a lot of brush and a tall tree there…



It took some heavy machinery to get the job done right…



But here’s what we’ve got now…



Mason likes it…



More milestones for Mason and Jude

If you haven’t put two and two together yet, the trigger for that new yard is that the boys are growing up and spending more time outdoors.  Mason is now three (and is now onto a bigger bike as seen above).  And Jude turned one year old on August 4.  In addition, Jude can now walk and Mason is out of diapers.  There was a crazy few weeks this summer when Mason was getting potty trained while at the same time, Jude was learning to walk.  If you have kids, I’m sure you know how nuts that was.  If you don’t have kids, I’m sure you can just imagine.


Just for good measure, here’s a two final mega cute pics of the boys



Lastly… more career changes for Keturah and I

We’re both working at startups in San Francisco right now.  I’m at Ticketfly and it pretty took over my life during the last half of August.  But among other things, I helped roll out a brand spanking new web site for them.  Keturah started working with a new advertising agency in August. 

Confirmed: We’re expecting our second baby boy

Keturah and I paid a visit to her doctor yesterday and received some wonderful news. Our second baby, due in early August, is — or will be (depending on where you stand on the whole “what is life?” debate) — a boy. This will be our second child and our second boy. The baby is healthy and Keturah’s pregnancy is going very smoothly, especially now that she’s gotten through the winter and all the nasty viruses that were going around.

I’ll be honest and say that I had my fingers crossed for a baby girl, but any baby is a miraculous gift and what’s most important is that we have a healthy baby. When the doctor said “It’s a boy” and even zeroed in on the ultrasound to show the little guy’s “manhood”, any disappointment was quickly erased by joyous thoughts of a second son.

Any lingering regrets were definitely disposed of when a friend of mine sent me a text message that said “Now you just have to decide which one is the point guard and which one is the shooting guard.” I have to admit, the possibilities for seeing Toothman backcourt tandem in the future does sound immensely cool.

The Campo in Siena

Keturah and Mason in Siena last fall. Mason’s going to be a big brother soon! But is he point guard material?

Our due date is August 10, 2008. There’s indeed a chance that our two sons will be will be exactly two years apart as Mason was born on August 2, 2006. A name has not been finalized yet, but we have some leading candidates. They are…

  • Jude
  • Griffin
  • Tucker
  • Harrison

Anyone have a favorite in that list?

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