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  • 2010 Social Media for Government Conference in Chicago

    I’ll be the first to admit that I had my expectations set at a fairly nominal level for Advanced Learning Institute’s latest Social Media for Government event in Chicago this past week.  But it was really a wonderful time.  The smaller size of the event (approximately 50 people) really gave me a chance to make […]

  • Speaking at the Social Media for Government Conference in Chicago this week

    Probably should have mentioned this previously, but this week I’ll be speaking at the Social Media for Government Conference in Chicago.  I’ll be providing a case study on the WordPress blog I created for NASA Ames Research Center in 2007 (screenshot of that is below), including all the cultural, process, and legal barriers the team […]

  • Reflecting on the NASA IT Summit

    I spent all of last week at the Gaylord National Resort Conference Center outside of Washington, DC with fellow NASA technologists and NASA I.T. partners.  I can give you a full play-by-play, but Alex Howard already did a commendable job of that.  I strongly suggest you read his post for a solid overview.  What I […]

  • Defining Cloud Computing

    A couple things I’m realizing about cloud computer.  First, NASA is management is pretty obsessed with it.  Almost every single I.T. conversation I have at NASA Ames has the word “cloud” in it somehow.  Second, I don’t have a great working definition that I’m using as a foundation for my thinking on cloud computing.  If […]

  • Great GPS / International Space Station Idea

    Can someone build an app that alerts me when ISS is in the sky above me based on my phones GPS location. Blackberry preferably.Mon May 17 23:05:10 via webmdNomadmdNomad Just a great, great idea. I remember being in middle school and there was one summer when for 3 nights in a row, my friends and […]

  • An Introduction and Preface to More

    I’m J.J. Toothman and I’m a NASA Web Dude.  If you already know me, you probably know that I recently started working at NASA Ames Research Center as a Web Strategist.  If you don’t know me, read the post about this over on my personal blog as I wrote about what I’ll be doing at […]

  • Daring to be great at NASA

    For almost a year, my LinkedIn profile has been headlined with the phrase “Looking for a dare to be great situation.”  And while that was partially me drawing more career inspiration from the wisdom of Lloyd Dobler, who doesn’t want greatness as part of their job? Now, you can interpret greatness in a variety of […]