Author: J.J. Toothman

  • Photos from Coachella Weekend

    Are here The suprise highlight for me was Tosca. I think it was a case of the right sound (groovy downtempo) at the right time of day (around midnight on Saturday) in the right place (a side stage with plenty of grass to sit comfortably on and not too crowded). The surprise downer was Depeche […]

  • Off to Coachella Tomorrow!

    So excited! Check out who’s playing

  • Devils Slide

    Here’s some links regarding the road closure on the coast that is making life much harder than it has to be for Keturah and I. From the SF Chronicle From the NY Times

  • Are we having a boy or a girl?

    That question has been asked of Keturah and myself numerous times recently and today is the day that we can find out. And today is the day we can find out. Except that we’ve decided that not to find out. Unless, of course, Keturah caves in and just can’t contain her curiosity. A possiblity considering […]

  • Yosemite trip

    Keturah spent a few days last week hiking around Yosemite Valley.  It happened to snow 20 inches the day before we got there!  See the pics.

  • 2006…So far

    The big happening with us in 2006 is that we are expecting our first child in early August. Our first doctor’s visit was just before last Christmas. It made for a great early present. Everything with the preganancy is going as it should. In sum, it’s an extremely exciting time for Keturah and myself. Additionally, […]

  • New version of this site

    OK…so…I’ve started writing a blog to keep everyone informed of what’s been going on with Keturah and myself. Go ahead, ridicule me if you’d like.

  • Our Big News

    Keturah and I paid a visit to the doctor just before Christmas and received a wonderful early present…Keturah is pregnant and we are expecting a child around early August.  Specifically, the due date is August 12, 2006

  • Luminance

    Luminance, my graduate thesis project is complete. Check it out on Wednesday, June 8 at Forum Night of the Multimedia Graduate Program.  The project website is Luminance is a live, playful, interactive art installation in which participants use their own physical body movements to create and influence digital content on a 10′ X 7.5′ […]

  • We’ve Moved

    Keturah and I have finished moving down to our new house in Half Moon Bay.  Pics here Nice to be out of the city.  Ocean view every day.  Life is good.