NBA 2015/16

  1. Keep an eye on Dallas for the first 6 weeks of the season or so. Their first round pick in the next draft goes to the Celtics unless it’s in the top 7. So, they need to be pretty bad to keep it. So bad that they need to be bad from the beginning. If they come out even lukewarm (ie, close to .500) as a team in the first month-and-a-half then that pick will be landing in Boston.
  2. Carmelo watch. The man can play, but I’ve never bought into Carmelo being the alpha dog on a team that can win the championship. But, Carmelo as the second or even third banana? That fascinates me and thus, I’m crazy intrigued by Carmelo entering the “chase the ring” years of his career. I see that starting around January of this season. Seeing Carmelo playing in Miami, Chicago, or Houston by the end of the season wouldn’t suprise me at all. Boston has the pieces to pull off a Carmelo acquisition, but there’s a big difference between chasing a ring and chasing the playoffs.
  3. Stephen Curry will make 300 three pointers this season. Book it.
  4. Playoffs predictions. OKC beats the Warriors out West. Cavs beat Chicago in the eastern conference finals. OKC takes the title this this year.
  5. Loving that I can root for the Celtics to succeed this year AND simultaneously be on the Ben Simmons lottery pick watch with the Mavs/Nets picks. Must see college games this season are the two LSU vs. Kentucky games.

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