It’s iPhone Announcement Day!

It’s nuts how psyched I get by day of Apple’s press conference to (presumably) announce their next iPhone – or as I like to refer to the iPhone, Apple’s gateway drug.  There’s no question that a couple of years ago, the iPhone was THE phone. ((Even with all the Android phones out there now, it still feels like THE phone.)) Before I had an iPhone, our household was void of any Apple products.  We were a technology family knee deep in Windows products. But then Keturah and I both got our iPhones and over time more Apple products have creeped into our lives. We bought the first iPad when it came out, the slowly lost control of it when our kids discovered it and quickly became proficient with it. ((Actually, when we get the new iPhone, our old iPhones are being passed down to the kids – to be pseudo iPod touches –  and we’re hoping to bring the iPad back into our control.)) Keturah bought the Macbook Air this past summer and I have to admit, it’s quite a nice machine. ((Ordered on the first day it was available.)) Even I’ve been browsing Mac Mini listings on Craig’s List with the intent on setting it up as media server in the living room.  Lastly, we’re in a new house and it’s only a matter of time before I fill the rooms with sound via Apple Airplay. ((I tried doing something similar in the old house with DLNA. And let me tell you, that tech sucks. Never worked smoothly. Haven’t tried Sonos yet, but hear good things))

So yes, I’ll be following the announcement online today and yeah, that sounds awfully silly.  But what can I say?  The iPhone was a life changing product that hooked me.


Some final random thoughts:

  • My iPhone 3GS is absolutely crawling to the finish line. I’ve pretty much pushed that device to its performance limits.  It’s either that or it senses it’s about to be passed down to a five year old and is rebelling.
  • I’ll still buy an iPhone 4S, but for some stupid reason of vanity, I want the new phone to be an iPhone 5.  I decided that I was going to put myself on a two year upgrade cycle with the iPhone ((Dropping a few hundred on a new phone every year just seems silly.)) I’d be even happier to be on the upgrade cycle that involved major product advancements instead of the feeling of iterative steps that the iPhone 3GS was and the iPhone 4S would feel like.
  • I really want NFC technology to be in this thing.  I’m ready to speed up the death of the plastic credit card.
  • The 64GB iPhone rumor doesn’t make sense to me in an era when Apple wants to be pushing iCloud.  Maybe I’m not understanding Apple’s iCloud strategy, but it seems like if content is stored in the cloud and streaming from the cloud, devices would need less storage not more.
  • An even crazier rumor is the one that the iPhone 5 is exclusively coming to Sprint.  In this scenario, it is speculated that an iPhone 4S comes to Verizon and AT&T while the iPhone 5 version drops only on Sprint, then the other carriers in early 2012. First, if this happens I’ll be pissed.  I’m not interested in switching to Sprint.  Since moving away from San Francisco, I’m actually pleased with AT&T iPhone performance.   I would expect some Apple fanboy revolt if this played out.  Actually, the only way it might make sense is a 64GB version of the new iPhone came out exclusively on Sprint.  Here’s why that might make some sense.  Apple has probably done enough research to realize that a 64GB phone isn’t necessary, especially with iCloud becoming a reality.  At the same time, they know some consumers always fall for the “bigger is better” type specs.  Their big questions are how much such a phone would actually sell?  Can they actually price it way higher? So instead they hedge their bet by getting Spring to pay $20 million to carry the iPhone and can up that price by giving Sprint exclusive right to sell an iPhone version (where the only difference from Verizon/AT&T versions is that is has more onboard storage)  they’re not actually sure anyone truly wants. If all that’s true, what a move by Apple.