Revisiting The Beatles Albums: Please Please Me

First off, I admit that I’m not an “early Beatles” guy.  I much more preferred the psychedelic influenced explorations that started around Rubber Soul and continued all the way to end.  I doubt that I’ve ever listened to the Please Please Me album straight through more than a couple times and those times it was mostly because my Mom has it in her CD library and when I’m visiting my old home, it’s a logical thing to put on.  But if you’re going to go through the entire Beatles catalogue from start to finish, you have to start at the beginning and that’s Please Please Me.


This is the first of the remastered albums I’ve listened to and I gotta say…the sound is top-notch.  I’ve never heard these songs sounding so crisp before.  Totally excited to work my way through Beatles history.

Some other thoughts as I listened to Please Please Me …

Best rekindled memory

During “I Saw Her Standing There”, I remembered going to see Paul McCartney at Foxboro Stadium with my Mom around 1990.  When Paul breaks into “I Saw Her Standing There”, my Mom launches out of her seat like a rocket and starts screaming and dancing along.  It was pretty cool. I was 19 years old at the time and seeing my Mom act like a crazed Beatlemania shined some new light on who my Mom was (and still is).

Song I totally forgot about

Track 12 – “A Taste of Honey”.  And by the way I don’t really like writing about these albums and say Track 12.  I’d much refer to things in the vinyl manner – “Side 2, Song 5”

Highlight of the album (for me)

“Twist and Shout”.  So much great energy in that song.  Lots of high school Saturday nights driving around with a car full of friends screaming the lyrics.  By the end you’re doing two things.  Thinking about “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and considering replaying it.