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Photos From Italy Coming Soon

One of things I’ve been lagging on in the past month are photos I took on my Italy. I came home with about 800 photos on my Nikon DSLR alone. There’s some great shots of Tuscan hill towns like Pienza, Siena, Montepulciano, and Cortona. Also managed to do some night shoots in Florence and Lucca.  The photos look great and I’m excited to start sharing the better ones.

In the meantime,  I just posted a few sets of night shoots I did in October.  Enjoy.

Home Sweet Home

The family and I are back from an amazing two weeks in Italy. We actually got back Sunday night (or was it Monday morning?) and it’s taken a few days for all of us to overcome jet-lag and get back into our schedules and routines. That’s especially not an easy task when one of the people in your family is 15 months old.

Our trip was AMAZING and there’s over 800 photos I took which need to go through an editorial phase before I start posting them to our Flickr account.

Help With My Italy Itinerary

I’m headed to Italy with my family in less than two weeks and I’m beginning to feel a bit unprepared. I’ve got the basics covered – plane tickets, lodging, rental car. But have yet to flesh out the itinerary with things to do, places to visit, and most importantly… where to eat. Here’s an outline of my itinerary. If you have some input, please let me know by sending me an email or posting a comment.

October 29- October 31

Staying in an apartment right off the Duomo square.

November 1 & 2

We’ll be lodging at Il Borghino

Novemnber 3 – 10

Well, not exactly in Siena. But in the Tuscan village Vignale . We’ll be using this as home base to explore numerous hill towns in Tuscany.

Update (Oct. 22, 2007) : The Red Sox are in the World Series. So if you know places this obsessed fan can take in the games while in Florence, please let me know!

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