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Month: July 2011

The big (and only?) opportunity for Google+

We’re a couple weeks into the life of Google+.  Yes, it has been fun to be part of a social network as it is born and learns to take its first steps.  The hangouts feature is definitely uber-compelling and the circles interface is kinda neat.  But other than that how much has Google+ really differentiated itself from Facebook.

By the way, if the above paragraph means little to you, it probably means that you have yet to try out Google+. Everything you wanted to know about Google+ (so far) can be found in this Mashable post.

What I think about Google+ is that by the end of 2013, we won’t be talking about it anymore and the tumbleweeds will be rolling in.  One of the big things I’ve heard people say about Google+ is that it provides a Facebook “do-over” for those Facebook users that ruined their social graphs by friending too many people, or worse, friending a lot of strangers.  But I think people like that are in the minority of Facebook’s 700 million users.  Furthermore, I think the majority of Facebook users shudder at the thought of having to recreate their networks on something like Google+. 

But there is a place Google+ can be an easy, uncontested slam dunk.  That’s as internal social network for enterprises making use of Google Apps. The number of people craving a Facebook for the workplace is massive.  People want to utilize social network mechanics as tools for working together and getting stuff done.  And while there have been plenty of attempts to provide this from companies such as Microsoft, Jive, and Salesforce, Google is in a position to simply turn Google+ on as part of its Google Apps offering and provide the solution with very little barrier to adoption.  I’m telling you, it would be an instant success.

I’m certainly not alone in desiring Google+ be included as a Google Apps feature and fortunately, Google appears to be hearing the pleas and taking action.

Now, where was I?

Nothing can ruin your summer more than having the flu for a week. I’d rather be caught outside in the forest without any bug spray than go through another week like that. Here’s randomly assorted list of thoughts for this Tuesday morning.

There is no bigger lock for this Christmas than Santa bringing the just announced LeapPad tablets for Mason and Jude.  LeapFrog products have never been a disappointment to the kids (or to Keturah and I).  The first paragraph of this New York Times article is spot on…

All parents who own an iPad know this: Their kids want to play with the iPad as much as they do, and that means they have to share.

It’s probably worth another blog post, but a story last week on NPR touches upon some of the reasons why Keturah and I moved the family away from San Francisco.  Census data is now confirming what we suspected as reality –  families are leaving SF.

Some good fall tours shaping up.  Wilco is playing the Wang Center in Boston in September.  Definitely in for that.1 And The Pixies are touring some small venues and out of the way towns.  Places like Hampton Beach, NH and Waterbury, CT.  The chance to see The Pixies at a small venue is definitely intriguing.

  1. And the new single sounds good.  Hope that bodes well for the rest of the album coming out this fall. 

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