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Month: November 2007

The Boss


Keturah and I went and saw Bruce Sprinsteen and The E Street Band to kick off our vacation a few weeks ago. It was pretty fun observing Keturah’s reaction when she realized that Steve Van Zandt (Bruce’s guitarist) is Sil from “The Sopranos”.

Bruce is getting a bit older, so his shows aren’t the 3 plus hours version anymore. This one actually clocked in around 2 hours. But the energy is still there and he’s still one of the best live performers I’ve ever seen. Most memorable moment was “Racing in the Streets.” It’s a great song, but a mellow one…so most people took the 5 minutes to have a seat. Except for this one guy about 10 rows in from us who stood and sang along with every single word. Great stuff. You could just tell that it’s the one song he HAD to hear that night.


Home Sweet Home

The family and I are back from an amazing two weeks in Italy. We actually got back Sunday night (or was it Monday morning?) and it’s taken a few days for all of us to overcome jet-lag and get back into our schedules and routines. That’s especially not an easy task when one of the people in your family is 15 months old.

Our trip was AMAZING and there’s over 800 photos I took which need to go through an editorial phase before I start posting them to our Flickr account.

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